Ponddy Mission


Create and commercialize the most effective life-long learning solutions, integrating machine learning technologies with exciting self-learning materials and live teachers, individually personalized for various age groups and professions across the globe.



Affinity Knowledge Learning System TM (AKLS)

Using our patent pending technology, the Affinity Knowledge Learning SystemTM (AKLS) groups and categorizes elements that share properties and often appear together into Word, Character and Radical Ponds. These affinity properties can increase both learning effectiveness and retention. AKLS incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that uses these affinity properties and other information to tailor the learning needs of individual students and optimize learning experience and results.

Word Pond Chinese

Word Pond is an interactive and iterative vocabulary learning mechanism that enables students to find collocations along with their relative frequencies and difficulty levels. These associations enable a student to recognize how a word is used in various ways helping them to better understand and remember.

PONDDY Chinese


How can PONDDY Smart Textbooks help you?

Tailor Learning for Each Student

PONDDY Chinese is powered by our Affinity Knowledge Learning SystemTM (AKLS) to optimize learning experience and results.

Create and Customize Curriculum

Choose from our library of Pondlets, learning modules that are categorized by theme and level, or send us yours.

Track Progress in Real-time

Monitor mastery of skills. Use this information to inform instruction. Ponddy uses this information to further personalize learning.

Use Anytime Anywhere

Access PONDDY Smart Textbooks on any device enabling students to learn at their own pace.

Founder and CEO

Franz Chen, CFA


Based in Silicon Valley, USA, Chen has more than three decades of technology entrepreneurship, including several successful global operations. Before founding Ponddy Education, Chen managed and invested in companies in the areas of education and technology. Chen has a track record of building and picking successful companies, including RIQ Technology (sold in 2006), Turnstone System (IPO in 2000), and Neon SA (IRR of 26%), to name a few.


Chen holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and received a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. At the age of 17, Chen completed the English language teaching program at ICPNA,Peru. He has a multi-cultural background and is fluent in Spanish, English, and Chinese (Mandarin and multiple dialects). Chen is passionate about Personalized Learning. In 2006, he created the first Chinese word segmenter that supports both traditional and simplified Chinese that is free for public use.


Derek Chen

Chairman of Chenco Holding and President

of International Leadership Foundation


“I am very impressed by  the  technology Ponddy has developed to combine AI (Artificial Intelligence) technique  with affinity learning principles. It is intriguing and exciting to see how they made language learning  fun and easy. With a proven leadership team, Ponddy Education could very possibly define the future of personalized learning.”


Mr. Chen is the Chairman of the Global Advisory Board of the International Leadership Foundation, a well-recognized organization developing leaders in the United States, Asia, and Pacific Rim countries in the fields of public service, entrepreneurship, and international business and politics. Previously, he served as President of the foundation from 2006 - 2015. In addition, Mr. Chen is the Chairman and founder of Chenco Holding Company. The Chenco Group of Companies has completed over $12 billion in transactions since 1996, including investments in high-tech venture capital.

Dr. Liu Xin

Chairman of MBDK International Holding Group


“Visionary founders with solid execution records are rare. These people anticipate problems and provide timely solutions. They are more likely to succeed and tend to be serial entrepreneurs. They are typically characterized by people who understand and have access to advanced technologies, who are fully versed with the domain knowledge and related operation matrices, and who have the proper understanding of the capital market and the importance of their value-add. I see these rare qualities in Ponddy and am convinced that the company will soon create a positive impact on the global education landscape.”


Dr. Liu is President of MBDK Investment management company. For the past 10 years, he has invested in over 20 start-ups across various geographies, including USA, China, Germany, and Israel. Besides his remarkable achievements in investment management, Dr. Liu is very active in community and volunteer work. He currently serves as the president of the International Commission on the EMBA alliance of global business schools. Dr. Liu is well known for his assessment on global business trends. He studied at Peking University, Fordham University and the University of Maryland.






National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC)

Salt Lake City, Utah




American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

New Orleans, Louisiana